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back from the dead.

2011-12-09 02:24:40 by alex-the-cow

I'm currently working on a game after all this time i hope you enjoy it when it's released.

new submision

2009-06-29 17:30:59 by alex-the-cow

i made a new submison for the lolz

fallout 3

2009-01-03 17:10:49 by alex-the-cow

this game is super awesome if u dont have it go buy it or i kill you

little big planet

2008-10-25 23:29:40 by alex-the-cow

i got lbp today before the release date i like mistakes made by componies and the game is the best


2008-09-21 21:48:17 by alex-the-cow

we finally finished if u saw my post before this u cant see it anymore becuse i edited it well anyways we finished yah this situation toally deserves a cat face :3

madness day

2008-09-13 21:51:16 by alex-the-cow

madness day is coming up and me and farfey are making a submission your gunna vote five or im gunna rape your entire family and kill u myself :D


2008-07-30 23:32:41 by alex-the-cow

im thinking about quiting after the relesse of farfen-cow collab 2 because i might start again once my life stops being stressing so onnce fcc2 comes out i m quitting flash animateing


2008-07-16 11:47:26 by alex-the-cow

i played it all night and beat it .its the best game ever i rly enjoyed it


2008-07-11 00:17:00 by alex-the-cow

i need some ideas for a project cause i cant thinck stright my life is really stressy right now and heres a cow


farfen-cow collab 2

2008-06-25 15:21:09 by alex-the-cow

me and farfenwaffle dicided to make a second farfen-cow collab this one should be better we both improved alot over the year we cant wait to finish