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summer boradness

2008-06-20 13:32:02 by alex-the-cow

i am not happy with summer so far i am board as hell i have nothing to do most days

new game

2008-06-01 23:24:12 by alex-the-cow

i is r makeing a new game called another generic quiz game

iron man

2008-05-08 22:59:10 by alex-the-cow

i went to see iron man may first and the movie is my favorite movie in a while if anyone is thincking about seeing it see it you have no choice if you dont i will go to your house and kill you

applaince fun

2008-04-02 23:30:31 by alex-the-cow

srry to any1 who actuly looks at my page every day and i am some sort of god to the or something i cant animate until all these fun gamescoming on the 360,wii and ps3 games stop coming out

srry bought that

2008-03-08 16:25:44 by alex-the-cow

srry bought that farfenwafle hacked me wat a meenie


2008-03-07 23:39:33 by alex-the-cow

chicken is da bomb

new game

2008-03-01 21:50:13 by alex-the-cow

hello cow minons i am making a new game its my first one dont diss me its a maze game

i am god

2008-01-19 02:03:58 by alex-the-cow

i am your jesus and eat your poo for teh pie please!

i am god


2007-12-16 12:29:58 by alex-the-cow