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2008-07-30 23:32:41 by alex-the-cow

im thinking about quiting after the relesse of farfen-cow collab 2 because i might start again once my life stops being stressing so onnce fcc2 comes out i m quitting flash animateing


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2008-07-30 23:34:13

If you think your life is stressful at 13... you have a long hard road ahead of you my friend.


2008-07-31 01:05:42

Who are you and what are you doing on my internet?

alex-the-cow responds:

im stealing ur interwebs


2008-08-16 01:55:18

you cant steal his interwebs!!!!!!! >:( im alreay stealing it i called it

alex-the-cow responds:

i said it first


2008-08-28 02:26:11

no i said it before you were born >:( wich is why you dident hear me call it >:U

alex-the-cow responds:

if thats ture ur 1 hour old and thats the exact time ur parents droped u on ur head >:(


2008-09-13 21:45:11

you suck i hope u die >:(